NC State Named First University-Based IBM Q Hub in North America

NC State

June, 2018
NC State Named First University-Based IBM Q Hub in North America

NC State will be the first university in North America to establish an IBM Q Hub as part of the global IBM Q Network, a collaboration between tech powerhouse IBM and top Fortune 500 companies, national research labs and leading universities to advance quantum computing.

NC State joins three established university-based quantum computing hubs worldwide: the University of Oxford, Keio University and the University of Melbourne. Hubs within IBM’s network are critical for accelerated learning, skills development and the global rollout of quantum computing. The network provides early access to IBM’s quantum computing systems, with the goal of exploring practical applications important to business and science.

Starting this fall, NC State will have access to IBM Q commercial quantum computing devices, including the most advanced and scalable universal systems available. The current 20 qubit IBM Q system will be followed by a 50 qubit prototype in the next generation.

“Academic collaborations are essential to growing the quantum computing community as we look to discover practical quantum applications and drive business and scientific breakthroughs,” said Bob Sutor, vice president of IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem, IBM Research. “Building on a 30-year research and education partnership, NC State will play a key role in helping IBM continue to extend our quantum computing ecosystem.”

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