What is Charge?


March, 2015
What is Charge?

Charge is not just the title of our new Ezine, it’s the word that best describes our new way of thinking.

Charge, with its multiple significant meanings is the word that finally captured—well, the charge—we feel we need to bring to you.

Let’s Talk About You!

With Charge (charge.ece.ncsu.edu), we want to do more than just talk about ourselves, we want to create a place —dare we say an outlet?— for all of our electrical and computer engineering colleagues.

For us then, Charge is the command, or obligation we feel to celebrate not just ourselves, but all of the Electrical and Computer Engineers around the country and the world.   Which means we won’t just be talking about NCSU’s award-winning ECE program (blush) but all of your programs.   In our current edition, we’re featuring stories about Northeastern University and Georgia Tech.

Charge=The source of the electric field

Electrical Engineers change our world every day and for the better whether in research labs on campus, in well-known large companies, or in exciting new start-ups.   ECE alum have created not only some of the coolest things ever, but some of the most genuinely useful things that have pushed society forward. Proximity sensors, on-board navigation, hands free phones, programmable alarms, lighting controls, sensors, remote locking, and seat and mirror adjusting mechanisms are all made possible by the work of ECE graduates.

What are we “Charging” towards?   

The word charge may immediately conjure up many images,  but for our title we considered it “a violent rush forward.”  Even though we electrical and computer engineers literally engineer the world we’re living in—we design programs and computer chips for every contemporary device you can imagine and work in a variety of departments: research and development, manufacturing, technical sales and teaching—  we don’t necessarily get the kind of coverage or pat on the backs we deserve. Especially from each other.

We’re going to change all that.   With Charge we are going on the offensive— bringing our state-of-the-art skills, unique perspective and of course, sense of humor with us as tools for the project.

It’s a Thrill

So many definitions for Charge but one of them is to be genuinely thrilled, as we are in presenting our new platform for the ECE world to share.    Please don’t hesitate to write to us at ece-charge@ncsu.edu with your stories and we’ll make sure we get them on the front page!

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